Kytherians, Antikytherians

From the first day of the creation of the Free Kythera municipal faction, we have set as a primary objective the planning and creation, at last, of a municipal plan for all sectors (tourism, land use, transport, social care, etc.). Once again, the lack of them leads us to the tactic of patching up. On the major issue of the impossibility of the immediate replacement of the Aqua Jewel, our proposal in the last municipal council of 07/02/24 was the following: to create an interdepartmental committee with the participation of private experts who, in cooperation with the legal advisor of the municipality, will control the terms of the grant contract, in order to provide a real service to our islands. This provision should have been self-evident for several years, as the current contract is aimed exclusively at the profit of the shipowner and certainly not of our islands. We provide it for you to read. symvasiploiou2022.pdf (

If this contract is not changed in a future identical or similar event, we will again be without a ship. The City's administrators are not responsible for the collision, but they are responsible for the persistent lack of strategy, for the entrenchment of the "we'll see when the problem arises" mentality. Flexibility and adaptability are virtues, but this is not the case here: lack of foresight, fragmentation and ambitious but spasmodic actions lead inevitably to the comic tragedies we have been experiencing over the last 10 days.
And of course, as every time, the lack of competent cadres confirms our pre-election appeal that there should be ONE, unified municipal party on our island so that our community gets the most out of all our competent citizens. Really, of the entire coalition and opposition for so many terms, no one in the past years has been found to read the contract, to understand what is happening, to recommend a political intervention to improve the unacceptable conditions?
Our proposal has been public since 7 February, the day after the incident. Our combination decided that at regular intervals we will inform our fellow citizens about the actions of the elected officials, which we will continue to do.